Personalised. Flexible. Dedicated

For larger businesses

Your business is growing, which means your needs have become more specialised. That’s where we come in. We’ve created a payments service that’s specifically designed to meet the evolving challenges of a business like yours. With personalised support and market-leading technology, it’s a value-for-money service that makes doing business that little bit easier. If your card turnover exceeds £5m, join the growing number of larger businesses switching to Paymentsense.

Great rates. no ties, fast settlement

Your business is unique – our rates reflect that. No one else does what you do quite like you. So, once we’ve found out what you’re all about, we’ll put together a package that is tailor-made for your business. We’re talking serious savings on your existing rates, no long contracts with expensive buyouts and many ways to save you time every day with integrated payment solutions.

No ties 30-day rolling contract

We’re confident about our offering and feel no need to demand long-term commitment. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Next day settlement

Get all takings from card payments into your bank account on the next business day. Because cash-flow is critical to any successful business. Subject to eligibility.

Cancellation cost cover

Concerned about switching costs? We will cover them. So, if you don’t like your current provider, you can easily leave.

Your new Customer Success Manager

From day one, you’ll have your own specially appointed Customer Success Manager. They’ll be your direct point of contact and get to know your business inside-out, so you can rely on them for straight-talking advice. They won't just fix problems – they’ll alert you to wider business opportunities that can improve efficiency and grow revenue, including services, training and reporting on key industry trends. It’s a bit like bringing in a new hire to improve your business (minus the salary).

  • A first point of contact

  • Guidance on training

  • Advice on opportunities

  • Regulatory expertise

Card machines for your entire business

Counter-top allows till payments and plugs directly into your telecoms line

Portable enables payments to be taken wirelessly through your WiFi network

Mobile helps you take payments on the move, via a SIM card

Connect to integrated payments

Anyone can make a mistake. And when staff constantly re-enter payments from terminal to till, the potential for errors, and their cost, will increase as your business grows. Connect™ is our solution. It enables you to integrate your POS software with our card machines securely in the cloud. The result? No more mis-keying errors, fewer queues and quicker end-of-day cash-ups. What’s more, because we have a bigger network of EPOS partners than anyone else, no one integrates like we do.

Pay at Counter

Every business is different, so our solution is flexible. You can connect your till to one terminal - or several. Or vice-versa. 

Whatever your configuration, our smart software simplifies each transaction and ensures there is no risk of mis-keying between till and terminal.

It’s a difference that makes all the difference: 

  • Service in seconds 
    – no faffing about re-entering payments

  • Happier customers 
    – because nobody likes a queue

  • No more costly chargebacks 
    – due to mis-keying errors

Pay at Table

Staff can print the bill - and even split it - straight from their card machines. 


Once customers have paid, staff can close the table on the spot. No further trips are required.

Here’s why customers love it:

  • No waiting for waiting staff
    - they can close the table at the table

  • No splitting headaches
    - bills can be divided any way the customer likes, right from the terminal

  • Service with a (genuine) smile
    - staff can concentrate on looking after each table

More ways to get paid

  • Phone payments
    - Our online portal, lets you enter payment details into your computer, tablet or mobile when a customer calls.

  • Email payments
    - All your customers need to do is open an email or an invoice and enter their card details. It’s that easy.

  • Online payments
    - We offer simple and secure ways to take online payments direct from your website or your app.

About Paymentsense

Paymentsense know you need your customers’ money in your account fast, efficiently and at low rates. That takes a payments provider with a broad understanding of your business – not just your numbers. So, on Day One, they will appoint someone to personally oversee your account. You’ll soon notice the difference. Paymentsense have been getting businesses paid since 2009, whether in-store, online or on the road – 70,000 of them at last count. If your business needs a payments partner that takes a personal interest, get in touch with us now.

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